Sumo Tactics for Lead Generation

What are the most effective TACTICS USED
for improving the quality of leads generated
according to marketers worldwide?

How Sales Sumo websites deliver!

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing 59%

If you ever purchased an annuity, Medicare or insurance lead you used social media marketing. Or, more accurately you paid a vendor who used social media marketing to generate the lead you bought.

Now, with a Sales Sumo website and the right tactics you can do your own lead generation, cheaper and more effectively,

What is the best social media platform for generating leads?

Most agree that Facebook is the best.

Why? For starters, more than 2.45 billion people use Facebook every month—making it the social media platform with the largest population. Facebook also offers some of the sharpest tools for using demographics to target precisely the leads you want in your own city.

This doesn’t mean that you should feel compelled to use Facebook or rule out other social media sites. For example, according to LinkedIn, over 660 million professionals visit their platform regularly. And YouTube is the second most used search engine, just behind Google.

Email Marketing

Email marketing 40%

Email marketing is second only to social media for lead generation.

But before you can run an effective campaign you must have email addresses.

Sales Sumo websites are designed to automatically capture and report to you the email addresses of anyone who registers at your website to view the educational videos, webinars or download ebooks.

Website Personalization

Website personalization 38%

Sumo websites are personalized with your photo, bio and contact information.

More importantly your website’s lead tracking and reporting capabilities allows you to better understand what your visitors are interested in.

These insights can help to understand how to approach your leads in ways that will be the most meaningful to them.

Content / Video Marketing

Content/video marketing 34%

Why Use Video For Lead Generation?

Human attention spans are less than that of gold fish today and getting shorter. Using video for lead generation helps educate more effectively in a shorter amount of time while also striking an emotional chord through visual and auditory storytelling elements.

Sumo websites contain dozens of retirement education videos.

Event / Demo Registrations

Event/demo registrations 28%

The “COMPLETE” version of our Sumo websites allows you to schedule, promote and allow your website visitors to RSVP to your virtual webinars or meetings.

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