Sumo Website Exit Popups

What are Exit Popups?

Let’s start with popups in general. If you have spent anytime on the internet you know that they are small windows that ‘pop up’ over the top of web pages in your internet browser.

If you are like most people you hate them.

So, if everyone finds popups annoying, why do so many marketers use them?

Why Use Exit Popups?

The simple answer is the work.

In fact, they work so well that you can hardly find a website today that does not use some type of popup strategy for lead generation.

With our Sales Sumo websites we wanted our advisor customers to be able to take advantage of the lead-grabbing power of popups but in a way that visitors would not find annoying.

This is why Sumo websites use exit popups, more accurately referred to as exit-intent overlays.
They show up in the nick of time — just before your visitor closes your page and you have lost them forever. Here is an example:

A visitor is browsing around your Sumo website, checking out all of the videos, webinars and other retirement education resources. There are no annoying popups that interfere with his experience.

But, as soon as the visitor moves his mouse to an area that indicates he is about to leave your website the exit-intent overlay is triggered and a last-ditch effort is made to capture the lead by offering a compelling eBook.

Visit our sample website and see the overlay offer just before you get ready to exit.

Visit Sample Sumo Website

Watch the brief video below to see how Neil Patel uses exit-intent overlays. (Wall Street Journal calls Neil a top influencer on the web, Forbes says he is one of the top 10 marketers, and Entrepreneur Magazine says he created one of the 100 most brilliant companies.)